Industry Program

Session 1: Consumer Technology Standards

“Standards make products cheaper and better”

The field of interest of the IEEE Consumer Technology Society is engineering and research aspects of the theory, design, construction, manufacture or end-use of mass-market electronics, systems, software and services for consumers. The Standards Committee develops standards covering the field of interest defined in the IEEE Consumer Technology Society Constitution.

  • Blockchain Standards Committee
  • VR/AR Standards Committee
  • Smart Devices Standards Committee
  • Digital Finance & Economy Standards Committee

January 6 (10:00-11:30 PST)


Brij Gupta, PhD
Director & Professor, International Center for AI and Cyber Security Research and Innovations, Asia University, Taiwan

Kim Fung Tsang, PhD
IEEE P2668 WG Chair, Chairman at Citycom Ltd
Editor-in-Chief IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics


Yu Yuan, PhD 
President-Elect, IEEE Standards Association Director-Elect, IEEE Board of Directors  “Metaverse”

Ramesh Ramadoss, PhD
Entrepreneur | Speaker | Co-chair, IEEE Blockchain | Expert Member, EU Blockchain Forum | Vice President, IEEE Standards Association “Blockchain”

Xiaohui Liu, PhD
Founder and CEO at sCrypt Inc.  “Smart Devices”

Hiroshi Mano, PhD 
Founder and CEO of EverySense, Inc. | Chair of IEEE P3800 Data-Trading System Working Group and Subprogram Director for Advanced medical care and treatment system by the A.I. hospital, a Japanese government project. 

“Digital Finance”