For registration please follow the following steps.

1) Confirm registration fees and registration deadline.

E arly Bird: 14 July 2024
Normal: 20 July 2024

Rule of Registration:

1) For each paid paper, one person is eligible to participate and present in the conference. For extra participant, please register as non-presenter.
2) One payment can cover at most 2 papers based on Table 1. For 1 Paper, it can covers 1 participant registration. For 2 Papers, it can covers registration for 2 participants.

Example: If a supervisors paid for 2 Papers registration, it can covers two participation of his/her students. Then the supervisor has to pay and register as a non-presenter if he/she wish to attend the conference with the students. 

If there is any request for invoice, please fill in the following form.

Request Invoice for payment

Table 1 : Registration Fees